What Is C++

Dear Students, aaj ke is Lecture me hum sikhenge What is C++ Programming Language aur or C++ Language se jude hua Component kya kya hote hai aur sath hi janege ki C++ programming languages ke kitne Features hote hai. What is C++ se related sare topics jiase c++ uses, features, principals aadi hum what is c++ ke lectures me he cover karege.

Lectures Covering Topics

  • Introduction To What Is C++ Language In Hindi
  • What Is C++ Language In Hindi
  • Principals Of What Is C++
  • What Is C++ Language Features In Hindi
  • What Is C++ Language Use In Hindi
  • A Simple Example of C++ Programming

Introduction To C++ Language In Hindi

Hindi Me Tutorial aapko C++ Lectures main advanced or basic concepts provides karata hai. Hamare C++ lectures students, beginners or professionals ke liye banaya gya hai.

C++ eak object oriented programming language hai. Yah C programming language ke liye extension hai. C++ language bhi C programming language ka he advanced version hai.

C++ main aapko control statement, object & class, inheritance, constructor, destructor, this, static, polymorphism, abstraction, abstract class, array, string etc ka use kiya jata hai.

What Is C++ Language In Hindi

C++ eak object oriented programming language hai. C++ Bjarne stroustrup ne develop ke thi. Is language ke aane se pahle C or Simula 67 dono popular language thi. Bjarne stroustrup eak aisi language banana chahate the.

Jisme object oriented programming language ke sabhi features hon. Or sath he vah language familiar bhi ho. Unka yah experiment C++ programming language thi jo ki unhone C or Simula 67 ko milakar banayi thi.

C++ ko 1979 bell laboratories main develop kiya gya tha. C++ eak middle level language hai. Isme  high level or low level dono language ke sabhi features hote hai. C language ke sabhi features C++ main milte hai.

What Is C++ Language Features In Hindi

Students C++ ke kuch important features hai. jiski bajah se itni old language hone ke babjood aaj bhi use ke jati hai. To chaliye jante hai C++ ke featurs ke bare main.

  • Object Oriented Programming Language
  • High Level & Low Level Language
  • Simple & Easy To Learn
  • Faster
  • Pointer
  • Recursion
  • Memory Management
  • Structured
  • Rich Library
  • Portable
  • Extensible
  • Compiler Based
    Features of C++

What Is C++ Language Use In Hindi

C++ ka use kya hai, C++ ka use aap kaise kar sakte ho, C++ language kahan kahan use ke jati hai. Is sab ke bare me bhi janana bahut jaroori hai. To chaliye start karte hai where use to C++.

  • C++ eak multipurpose language hai. iska use hum bade software and application ko develop karne me kar sakte hai.
  • C++ ka use hardware par control karne ke liye kiya jata hai. Yani C++ se aise software design karte hai jo hardware par control rakhte ho.
  • C++ ka use device drivers banane ke liye kiya jata hai.
  • C++ ka use education purpose ke liye kiya jata hai. Kyonki sabhi badi programming language C++ ke features ko follow karte hai.
  • C++ C language ka extension hai. Isliye wo software jo c language par develop kiye jate hai wo C++ par bhi kiye ja sakte hai.
  • Agar hum koi aisa software banana chahte hai jo high and low dono language par achhche se work kare. To aap us software ko C++ par develop kare.
  • Bahut se badi programming language pointer ko support nahi karti hai. yadi aap pointer ke through koi software develop karna chahate hai. To aap C++ ka use kare sakte hai.

Principals Of What Is C++

  • Class:- Class eak user define data type hoti hai jise object ke help se access kiya jata hai.
  • Object:- Object eak class type variable hota hai. Object ke help se hum class ke variable or method ko use kar sakte hai.
  • Abstraction:- Abstraction ka use hum jab karte hai jab hame user ko sirf vahi functionality show karana how jiske use jaroorat ho.
  • Inheritance:- Jab hame kisi code ko reuse karna ho tab hum inheritance concept ka use karte hai.
  • Encapsulation:- Variable or function ko bind karne ke liye encapsulation ka use kiya jata hai. ise data hiding bhi kahte hai.
  • Polymorphism:- Polymorphism ka matlab same naam se hota hai. Jab hame kisi class main same naam ke function use karne hote hai. Tab ham function overloading concept ka use karte hai. joki polymorphism kahlati hai. Isme function ko alag alag definition di jati hai.
  • Message passing:- Isme object eak doosre se communicate karte hai. jisme aapka program real life condition ko represent karta hai.

A Simple Example of C++ Programming

Related Lecture

Dear Students, main aasha karta hun ki aapko What is C++ Programming Language Ka Lecture padh kar samjh me aa gya hoga ki C++ Programming Langauge kya hai (What is C++ Programming Language). Yadi aapako is Lecture se related koi bhi problem hai to aap hume comment karke puch skte hai.


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