What Is Java Programming Language

what is java programming language in hindiDear Students, aaj ke is Lecture me hum sikhenge What is Java Programming Language ke bare main. Aur janege Java Programming Language se jude hua Component ke bare main. Sath main ye bhi janege ki java programming languages kahan kahan use hoti hai.

Lectures Covering Topics

  • What Is Java Programming Language In Hindi
  • Where Use To Java Programming Language
  • Types Of Java Application In Hindi
  • Java Platforms / Editions

Students jaise ke aap logo ne bahut sare programming languages ke bare me suna hoga jaise C/C++, PHP, C#, JSP etc. Theek usi tarah Java bhi ek programming language hai.

Java ek object oriented, calss based, general purpose computer programming language hai. Java ek robust technology hai jo ke widely use kee jati hai.

What Is Java Programming Language In Hindi

Java ek programming language or ek platform independent language hai. Java ek high level, secured, object-oriented programming language bhi hai. Object-oriented programming ek aise methodology hai jisme ham inheritance, encapsulation or polymorphism ka use kar sakte hai.

Students jis tarah se koi tools ya application aap doosri language me developed kar sakte hai. Java programming language me aap use bahut kam samay me or achhchi tarah se develop kar sakte hai.

Sun micro system company ne java programming language banayi hai. Jisne bataya ki java ek “Simple, Object-Oriented, Distributed, Interpreted, Robust, Secure, Architecture-Neural, Portable, High Performance, Multi threaded And Dynamic” programming language hai.

Where Use To Java Programming Language

What is java ke bare main samjhne ke sath me hame java ke uses ke bare main bhi aana bhi jaroori hai. Agar ham bat kare ke java Programming Language ka use kahan kahan kiya jata hai. To according to Sun Micro System java se ham 3 billion devices chalate hai. Current time me aise bahut se devices hai jo java language se chalti hai jaise :-

  • Desktop Applications jaise acrobat reader, media player, antivirus etc.
  • Web Applications jaise irctc.co.in, javatpoint.com etc.
  • Mobile
  • Embedded System
  • Smart Card
  • Enterprise Applications jaise banking applications.
  • Robotics
  • Games etc.

Types Of Java Application in Hindi

Jaisa ki aapne upar pada java language kya hai. Java language ka use kya kya hai. Yhan par ham padege java applications ke bare main. To java application 4 types ki hoti hai.

  • Standalone Application:-
  • Enterprise Application:-
  • Mobile Application:-
  • Web Application:-

Standalone Application:-

Standalone application ko windows or desktop applications ke roop me jana jata hai. Yah sabh traditional software hai jo har machine me install kiye jate hai jaise Media player, antivirus etc. AWT and Swing ka use java me standalone applications.

Enterprise Application:-

Yah application nature ko distributed karne ke liye banayi gyai. Jaise banking application, Mobile Recharge aadi  ko enterprise application kha jata hai.

Mobile Application:-

yah application mobile devices ke liye banaya gya hai. Current time me Android or Java ME ka use mobile application develop karne ke liye kiya gya hai.

Web Application:-

Aise application jo server side par chalti hai jiske liye dynamic page banaye jate hai un applications ko web application kahte hai. Jaise Servlet, JSP, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JSF ityadi. In technologies ko java me web application banane ke liye use kiya jata hai.

Java Platforms / Editions

Yah to aap sabhi jante he honge ki koi bhi software market main aata hai. To uske naye edition to aate he rahte hai. Theek usi tarah se java ke bhi kuch naye editions se aapn unhe neeche pad sakte hai.

  • JavaSE (Java Standard Edition):- Yah ek java programming platform hai. Isme java programming API jaise java.lang, java.io, java.net, java.util, java.sql, java.math aadi. shamil hai.
  • JavaEE (Java Enterprise Edition):- JavaEE ek enterprises platform hai jiska use web ro enterprises application ko develop karne ke liye kiya jata hai.
  • JavaME (Java Micro Edition):- Yah ek micro platform hai jiska use mukhya roop mobile application ko develop karne ke liye kiya jata hai.
  • JavaFx:- iska use rich internet ko develop karne ke liye kiya jata hai. Yah light-weight user interface ka use karta hai.

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Dear Students, main aasha karta hun ki aapko What is JAVA Programming Language  Ka Lecture padh kar samjh me aa gya hoga ki what is java (yani Java kya hai). Yadi aapko is Lecture se related koi bhi problem hai to aap hume comment karke puch skte hai.

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